At Noodle, we’re working hard to present data that helps people make good decisions about their education. It’s tougher than you might think, as the data sources are often incomplete and inconsistent, internally and relative to one another. Call me naive, but we figured that what the schools report–when they report it–is at least, well, true.

Silly us.

Above the Law reported on Friday that Villanova Law School, up until this year, has been reporting to the ABA incoming GPAs and LSAT scores that were “inaccurate”. Chances that the inaccuracies were on the low side? Pretty small, I’m guessing. Not coincidentally, it’s these numbers that make their way into the databases used by Noodle (and our esteemed competitors) to help students evaluate the quality and competitiveness of the programs they’re considering.

Couple this with the way in which law schools–this time in collusion with the ABA–consistently misrepresent the job prospects for their graduates, and you begin to wonder whether, well, gee, maybe doing right by their students isn’t Job One.

–Steven Hodas, CEO